• Netflix

    How to Enjoy Netflix from Various Devices

    Netflix presence has changed people’s habits in enjoying entertainment. Through one account, users can enjoy video presentations on various devices and various places. How to?

    To use Netflix services, the user must first register. Can do the application on a smartphone device or on the official page.

    There are three package options available. The standard package, premium package, premium package. But for the first month, Netflix provides free access for a month after the user registers.

    Next, we are asked to enter a credit card. After that, then create an account by collecting email and passwords. It is recommended to create a password and be difficult to guess so that it maintains account security.

    When it’s finished, then we can enjoy Netflix content wherever and whenever.

    Mobile devices

    To enjoy Netflix on a mobile device, we just need to download the application. The Netflix application is available free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

    We can access Netflix via a 3G / 4G cellular connection or use WiFi. But keep in mind, enjoying video streaming services can drain mobile data quota. So it is recommended to use a WiFi connection to enjoy it.

    Once the application is open, we only need to enter the Netflix account that was created during registration. Then select the movie you want to watch.


    If you want to watch Netflix on your computer you can use an internet browser. Then make Netflix.com, enter your account email and password.

    But first, make sure your computer has Microsoft Silverlight installed. If not, download and install the application.

    In addition to using a browser, we can use the Netflix application. But the application is only for Mac and Windows 8/10 users. The Netflix application can be downloaded for free on the Mac App Store or Windows Store.

    Game Console

    Netflix can also be enjoyed on PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360 / One, Wii and Wii U. How to enjoy it by downloading the Netflix application, then enter your email and account password.

    Smart TV

    If you have a Smart TV at home, it is possible to watch Netflix in the living room. The method is almost the same as above. Download the application, then enter your account.

    Streaming Box

    Another way to enjoy Netflix services on television can be using Apple TV, Android TV or Chromecast. We can simply download the Netflix application on Apple TV or Android TV, then input the Netflix account.

    Slightly different from Chromecast, we first download the Netflix application on a smartphone or tablet. Then tap the Chromecast icon at the top of the application. Once we play the film, it will immediately air on television.