How to login Gmail easily via PC and mobile, it’s easy!

Login Gmail (google mail) or login to a Gmail account the user needs to access his account. How to enter it can be through a personal computer (PC) and smartphone.

Gmail itself is an email service owned by Google. The facilities provided are the same as email services in general.

Here’s how to login Gmail easily via PC and mobile:

1. Login via Computer

There are two steps that can be done to login to a Gmail account via a computer. First, the user must open the website through the address.

Then, select login or sign in and enter account information such as email address or mobile number and password. If it is already filled in, the user can click sign in or sign in.

However, if the user wants to log in with a different account (different user) then the user can choose to use another account.

Meanwhile, users are advised to sign out for Gmail when logging in on public computers. This is for security reasons.

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2. Login Gmail via Android

There are differences when Gmail logins via mobile phones based on Android and iPhone.

First, for Android users select the Gmail application to open. Then in the section on the top right, tap your profile picture. From these options select add another account or add another account.

After that, choose what type of account you want to add. Finally, follow the steps displayed on the screen to add an account.

3. Login Gmail via iPhone

Almost the same way to login Gmail between Android and iPhone. At first, the user opens the Gmail application and clicks on the top right, i.e. your profile picture and select add another account or add another account.

It’s just that, on an iPhone, if a user uses an iCould account then the user needs to enter certain settings and passwords.

If the user only checks work or school email through Outlook or Windows, select the Outlook, Hotmail, and Live options. If you don’t see your email service, choose another or another.

Finally, follow the steps shown to be able to login to Gmail using an iPhone.

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