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    6 Tips to Overcome Smartphone Fast Heat

    Admit it, we are difficult to escape from smartphones. Whatever happens, as much as possible do not miss the cell phone because we continue to use it. One effect, the phone gets hot quickly.

    If left unchecked, the cell phone can overheat or overheat and cause problems. Adapted from wikiahow.com, to prevent this, try to follow the following six simple tips:

    1. Take a short break

    Stop taking a peek at Instagram and other social media. Although it sounds trivial, resting your cell phone for a while can be very effective in cooling it.

    2. Keep out of direct sunlight

    When you are outdoors, do not expose your smartphone to direct sunlight, especially on hot days.

    Smartphones are vulnerable to the weather and will automatically turn off when the internal temperature reaches a certain point. But still, do not underestimate the cell phone exposed to hot weather.

    3. Close the game application

    Opening the game application will drain the battery. The more a smartphone works, the easier it is to overheat. Have you ever heard a computer make a noise? That is the sound of an internal fan to cool the computer’s temperature. Well, cell phones are also not much different.

    4. Remove the case

    Cell phone casing sometimes withstands hot temperatures. So when the phone starts to feel hot, first remove the additional casing until the temperature is normal. Or, buy a case designed to reduce heat.

    5. Lower the screen brightness level

    Just like opening heavy applications such as games, the brightness of the screen can also affect the temperature of the phone. The brighter the screen of the cellphone, the more it will drain the battery. So, try lowering the screen brightness level.

    6. Use the glare screen

    The glare screen protector that shade allows you to see the mobile screen better in bright conditions, for example in the hot sun. So you do not depend on the brightness level of the screen.